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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is this site all about?
2.What this site is not intended to?
3.How to become a member?
4.What AMcD stands for?
5.Is there a recommended browser to enjoy all parts of the website?
6.What's the technology this website is built on?
7.Are there additional credits?

1. What Is This Site All About?

Thank you for asking! This site is an effort towards putting on the Web everything, me, Arnold McDonald, feel like to talk about. Basically, stuff like hacking, cryptography, card sleights... If it shows to be of any interest to someone, well, it just will be great!

2. What This Site Is Not Intended To?

Throughout the site, you may find documents dealing about hacking, security, viruses and so on. We even talk about moves used by card cheats around the tables to separate people from their money. This information is given solely to help people to understand, for educational purpose only! In other words, stupid script kiddies, week-end h4ck3rz or wannabee cheaters are clearly not welcome here...

3. How To Become A Member?

The only way is to be invited. It's absolutely useless to send mile long emails begging us to grant you access to the private area of the website. Sorry!

4. What AMcD Stands For?

Normally, all over the Net, everything using the acronym AMcD may result from a brief (but hard) activity of Arnold McDonald's brain...

5. Is There A Recommended Browser To Enjoy All Parts Of The Website?

Not really. Any browser correctly implementing W3C standards should do the trick.

6. What's The Technology This Website Is Built On?

This site uses PHP scripts part of a private website development engine. For further details, please, contact

7. Are There Additional Credits?

The engine running this website uses databases from Webnet77 and some scripts derive from PHP Tutorial Info.

The lovely landscapes pictures have been picked on morgueFile, the wonderful public image Internet archive.
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