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The Card Magician Quiz (I)

Preliminary Words

Here's a quiz allowing you to check your knowledge about card magic. It could have been made of 52 questions, but we think 33 will be enough to have some fun.

Good luck!


1. Dai Vernon's real name:
a) David Verner
b) Damian Vernon
c) David Wernieski
2. He wrote "Cards as Weapons":
a) Richard Turner
b) Larry Jennings
c) Ricky Jay
3. Nate Leipzig was:
a) Norwegian
b) Polish
c) Swedish
4. Hofzinser first names:
a) Max Otto
b) Johann Nepomuk
c) Carl Alexander
5. He wrote "New Era Card Tricks":
a) August Roterberg
b) Ted Annemann
c) Ottokar Fischer
6. Rusduck's magazine was named:
a) The Cardologist
b) Cardistry
c) The Cardiste
7. Expert Card Technique's author(s):
a) S. W. Erdnase
b) Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue
c) Ed MArlo
8. Arthur Buckley's wrote it:
a) Card Mastery
b) Card Control
c) Card Sleights
9. The Tenkai palm was invented by:
a) Teijiro Ishida
b) Ten Ichi
c) Itsuo Tenko
10. He devised a famous table blind shuffle:
a) Jeff McBride
b) Tony Slydini
c) Herb Zarrow
11. Ed Marlo's actual name:
a) Edward Malone
b) Edward Malkowski
c) Edward Marlodini
12. He invented the Snap Change:
a) Ed Marlo
b) Dai Vernon
c) Charlie Miller
13. He wrote "Sonata":
a) Arturo de Ascanio
b) Roberto Giobbi
c) Juan Tamariz
14. The "Man With the Million Dollar Hands":
a) John Scarne
b) Jay Ose
c) Frank Garcia
15. On stage, Richard Pitchford was:
a) Cardini
b) Houdini
c) Slydini
16. "The Expert at the Cart Table" year:
a) 1901
b) 1902
c) 1903
17. "Look At a Card"/"Move A Card" author:
a) Jack Pyle
b) Moe
c) Harry Lorayne
18. He left "Revolutionary Card Technique":
a) Ed Marlo
b) Ted Annemann
c) Jean Hugard
19. He was "The man who fooled Houdini":
a) John Northern Hilliard
b) Dai Vernon
c) Max Malini
20. He invented the Roadrunner cull:
a) Christian Chellman
b) Jim Molinari
c) Kostya Kimlat
21. ATFUS stands for:
a) Any Time Face Up Shuffle
b) Any Time Face Up Shift
c) Any Time Face Up Switch
22. In "Discoverie of Witchcraft", we learn:
a) The bottom deal
b) The glide
c) The center deal
23. The pass is explained first in:
a) Récréations Physiques et Amusantes
b) The Art of Jugling or Legerdemaine
c) Hocus Pocus
24. "Out of This World" is from:
a) Paul Curry
b) Roy Walton
c) John Bannon
25. First snap-over color change description:
a) Gilles Edme Guyot
b) Jean Nicholas Ponsin
c) Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin
26. His pass is legendary:
a) David Berglass
b) Derek Dingle
c) Brother John Hamman
27. He's the "Charming Cheat":
a) Allan Ackerman
b) Martin Nash
c) Bruce Cervon
28. How many in-faros to restore a deck?
a) 8
b) 26
c) 52
29. Jerry Mentzer wrote it:
a) Card File
b) Card Fiction
c) Cards Insight
30. A jumbo card is:
a) 5" wide
b) 4 1/2" wide
c) 4 1/4" wide
31. The "Haunted Card" is from:
a) Michael Skinner
b) Jon Racherbaumer
c) Rafael Benatar
32. The first to "trail" the dovetail shuffle:
a) Persi Diaconis
b) Alex Elmsley
c) Charles Jordan
33. Who did card tricks first?
a) Ottokar Fischer
b) Pr. Hoffmann
c) Jacob Daley
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