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The Card Magician Quiz (II)

Preliminary Words

Here's the long awaited sequel of The Card Magician Quiz (I).

Good luck to all!


1. He published the monumental "Best of Friends" set:
a) Dai Vernon
b) Harry Lorayne
c) Bruce Cervon
2. He wrote "And a Pack of Cards":
a) Jean Hugard
b) Jack Merlin
c) Max Holden
3. His monthly magazine was named "Magic":
a) Ellis Stanyon
b) Jean Hugard
c) John Hilliard
4. Charles T. Jordan was born in:
a) 1915
b) 1872
c) 1888
5. Frederick Braue was:
a) Australian
b) Canadian
c) American
6. Daryl's former name:
a) Gonzalez
b) Martinez
c) Rodriguez
7. Bill Malone is from:
a) Chicago
b) Detroit
c) Cincinnati
8. He released "On the Pass":
a) Derek Dingle
b) Richard Kaufman
c) Ken Krenzel
9. He was born as Braden:
a) Jack McMillen
b) Nelson Downs
c) Paul LePaul
10. Karl Fulves' favorite illustrator:
a) Donna Allen
b) Joseph Schmidt
c) Marshall Smith
11. He didn't comment Erdnase's book:
a) Darwin Ortiz
b) Professor Hoffmann
c) Arthur Buckley
12. He exposed the "Strike" Second Deal:
a) Erdnase
b) Bill Simon
c) Paul Rosini
13. He could palm one deck!
a) Nate Leipzig
b) Luis Zingone
c) Harry Houdini
14. He released the "On the Loose" video set:
a) Bill Malone
b) Allan Ackerman
c) Lennart Green
15. "Immaculate Connection" is from:
a) Ricky Jay
b) Paul Harris
c) Larry Jennings
16. "Scams and Fantasies with Cards" author:
a) Richard Turner
b) Derren Brown
c) Darwin Ortiz
17. He's not Scottish!
a) Roy Walton
b) Peter Duffie
c) Alex Elmsley
18. He wrote "Mnemonica":
a) Arturo de Ascanio
b) Roberto Giobbi
c) Juan Tamariz
19. Martin Nash has been put in words by:
a) Karl Fulves
b) Richard Kaufman
c) Stephen Minch
20. "Drawing-Room Conjuring" has been written by:
a) David Devant
b) Professor Hoffmann
c) Guy Hollingworth
21. Who was born first?
a) Cardini
b) Stewart James
c) Dai Vernon
22. He published the "Sex Sells" booklet:
a) Lee Asher
b) Michael Ammar
c) Brian Tudor
23. Steranko first name:
a) John
b) Jerry
c) James
24. Harry Lorayne's famous cut:
a) HaLo
b) LoHa
c) HarLo
25. "Drawing Room Deceptions" author:
a) Guy Hollingworth
b) Professor Hoffmann
c) David Devant
26. "Up the Ladder Aces" is from:
a) Jerry Sadowitz
b) Michael Skinner
c) Jerry Andrus
27. He released the "Snap Deal" manuscript:
a) Ed Marlo
b) Lennart Green
c) Karl Fulves
28. He's "The Magician's Magician":
a) Bill Malone
b) Dai Vernon
c) Daryl
29. Jean Hugard was:
a) Australian
b) Canadian
c) American
30. He wrote "Thirty Card Mysteries":
a) Edward Victor
b) Charles T. Jordan
c) Theo Annemann
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