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The S.W. Erdnase Quiz (I)

Some Kind Of Introduction

The book "The Expert at the Card Table" (from an unknown author using the famous Erdnase pseudonym) is considered as a Bible for many card magicians. It's divided in two distinct parts, one about card cheating and one about card Magic.

This first quiz is about the first part, but also about the history and the sidelines of this essential piece of Magic. What do you really know about Erdnase's precepts?

Thanks to Jason England.

Good luck!


1. The book was first published in:
a) 1901
b) 1902
c) 1903
2. The illustrator's last name?
a) Smith
b) Davis
c) Schmidt
3. How is the Magic section entitled?
a) Card Magic
b) Legerdemain
c) Card Conjuring
4. The first advertisement appeared in:
a) Phoenix
b) Jinx
c) Sphinx
5. What is the original price of the book?
a) $2.00
b) $2.50
c) $5.00
6. How many figures in the book?
a) 110
b) 101
c) 111
7. The company who printed the book is:
a) James McKinney and Company
b) Charles Powner Co.
c) Wilford Hutchinson, Inc.
8. He wrote "The Annotated Erdnase":
a) Dai Vernon
b) Darwin Ortiz
c) Persi Diaconis
9. Erdnase met his illustrator in:
a) Detroit
b) Cincinnati
c) Chicago
10. The first to buy the plates of the book:
a) William Frost
b) Frederick Drake
c) Charles Powner
11. The famous cheating move not in the book:
a) The Spread
b) The Sweep
c) The Twist
12. What type of shuffle is denigrated by Erdnase?
a) The overhand shuffle
b) The back and forth shuffle
c) The riffle shuffle
13. According to Dai Vernon, how many technical errors?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
14. How many there really are?
a) 5
b) 10
c) 12
15. What is a "brief" for Erdnase?
a) A card wider than the others
b) A jogged card
c) A crimped card
16. What second deal isn't taught in the book?
a) The Push-Off
b) The Loose
c) The Strike
17. How do Erdnase calls a slug?
a) A block
b) A stock
c) A heap
18. The check the illustrator received was numbered:
a) 1
b) 13
c) 52
19. Famous Erdnase's words:
a) The passion for play is the root of all evil
b) Don't give suckers any even break
c) Practice will soon do the rest
20. What is the first name of the illustrator?
a) Randall
b) Allan
c) Marshall
21. How it's named a false shuffle in the book?
a) A Fake shuffle
b) A Blind shuffle
c) A Lull shuffle
22. How many fancy blind cuts described?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 2
23. Erdnase's obvious preferred method of cheating?
a) Bottom deal
b) Second deal
c) Stacking
24. Erdnase introduced this term first:
a) Break
b) In-Jog
c) Shift
25. How is named the strip cut?
a) The run cut
b) The stock cut
c) The off cut
26. One Erdnase's suggestion for cheats without partners:
a) Middle deal
b) Short deck
c) Marked cards
27. A card game is misspelled in the book!
a) Euchre
b) Whist
c) Cassino
28. The famous French expression of the book!
a) Bête noire
b) Chef d'œuvre
c) Coup de grâce
29. The worst obstacle for Erdnase?
a) Other cheats around the table
b) The condition of the deck
c) The cut
30. The System of Stock Shuffling is detailed up to:
a) 9 cards
b) 12 cards
c) 15 cards
31. A technique not mentioned by Erdnase:
a) The glimpse
b) The one hand shift
c) The gambler's palm
32. What is sometimes depicted in some figures?
a) A mat
b) A board with a ridge
c) A table
33. Which one-handed false deal is fully explained?
a) Second deal
b) Bottom deal
c) None
34. What's Erdnase's advice about the Gambler's cop?
a) It doesn't talk about it!
b) It's a premium technique
c) It's an inferior technique
35. The scam game described by Erdnase:
a) Three Card Monte
b) Thirty-One
c) High Card Cut
36. A famous name is mentioned in the book:
a) Hofzinser
b) Hoyle
c) Devol
37. The inviolable rule of the professional is?
a) Each and every day practice
b) Always considering the environment
c) Uniformity of action
38. What technique is little used from a full deck?
a) The bottom deal
b) The second deal
c) The middle deal
39. The only advantage of a one-handed cut?
a) Its deception
b) Its beauty
c) Its easiness
40. Erdnase scoffs them:
a) The reformed gamblers
b) The lonely cheats
c) The female card players
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