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The Dai Vernon Quiz (I)

Some Kind Of Introduction

Anyone somehow involved with rings, scarves, coins or cards (just to name a few items) owe something to Dai Vernon. You can check here how much you really know about this true legend of Magic.

Good luck!


1. Dai Vernon was born in:
a) 1890
b) 1892
c) 1894
2. His nationality?
a) American
b) Canadian
c) Australian
3. His nickname?
a) The Dean
b) The Professor
c) The Teacher
4. He was born in:
a) Ottawa
b) Los Angeles
c) Sydney
5. His favorite book?
a) Expert Card Technique
b) Card Control
c) The Expert at The Card Table
6. Dai Vernon died in
a) 1992
b) 1993
c) 1994
7. Where are his ashes?
a) Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
b) Interred at the Magic Castle
c) In a private cemetery
8. He fooled that magician 7 times:
a) Harry Houdini
b) Harry Kellar
c) Alexander Herrmann
9. His real first name?
a) Damien
b) Daniel
c) David
10. What about his actual name?
a) Werner
b) Verner
c) Wenger
11. One of his manuscript title:
a) $20 Manuscript
b) $50 Manuscript
c) $100 Manuscript
12. He wrote his "Secrets of Card Magic" volumes:
a) Karl Fulves
b) Stephen Minch
c) Lewis Ganson
13. Vernon's "Expert at the Card Table" thoughts:
a) Revelations
b) Confessions
c) Confidences
14. Vernon paid tribute to him through a book:
a) Harry Kellar
b) Nate Leipzig
c) Howard Thurston
15. He traveled with Dai Vernon at the age of 14:
a) Larry Jennings
b) Persi Diaconis
c) Bruce Cervon
16. In what famous book he was under-credited?
a) Expert Card Technique
b) New Card Techniques
c) Revolutionary Card Technique
17. In what town did he die?
a) Vista
b) Ramona
c) Escondido
18. Vernon learned his first magic trick at age:
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
19. His character appears in what movie?
a) The Prestige
b) The Sting
c) Shade
20. One of his best card tricks:
a) Switching the Aces
b) Twisting the Aces
c) Flicking the Aces
21. His first visit in the Magic Castle happened in:
a) 1963
b) 1964
c) 1965
22. One of his best friends:
a) Walter Scott
b) Jean Hugard
c) Charlie Miller
23. Dai Vernon was fascinated by:
a) Dancers
b) Card cheats
c) Politicians
24. One of his rings act:
a) The Egyptian Rings
b) The Flying Rings
c) The Symphony of The Rings
25. A famous magician he didn't really appreciate was:
a) Harry Houdini
b) Edward Marlo
c) Arthur Buckley
26. He was amazing at this:
a) Cutting paper silhouettes
b) Playing piano
c) Tap dancing
27. He devised a card trick that:
a) "Can't be done"
b) "Can't be performed twice"
c) "Can't be explained"
28. One of his famous coins routines:
a) Badger Coins
b) Kangaroo Coins
c) King of Coins
29. This routine appeared in "Stars of Magic":
a) Coins and Silk
b) Roll-Over Aces
c) Triumph
30. He tracked this sleight for years:
a) The center deal
b) The riffled faro
c) The 5th deal
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