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The Card Books Quiz

Some Kind Of Introduction

Do you enjoy card Magic? If so, below are listed some of my favorite books, booklets or pamphlets ever: would you be able to name their authors?

Good luck!


1. Expert Card Technique:
a) S. W. Erdnase
b) Edward Marlo
c) Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue
2. Million Dollar Cards Secrets:
a) Simon Lovell
b) Frank Garcia
c) Michael Ammar
3. Reputation Makers:
a) Edward Marlo
b) Harry Lorayne
c) Michael Close
4. Card Finnese:
a) Jon Racherbaumer
b) Richard Kaufman
c) Peter Duffie
5. Card Control:
a) Arthur Buckley
b) Stephen Minch
c) Gary Plants
6. New Era Card Tricks:
a) Professor Hoffmann
b) August Roterberg
c) Nate Leipzig
7. Card College:
a) Edward Marlo
b) Jean Hugard
c) Roberto Giobbi
8. Scams & Fantasies With Cards:
a) Darwin Ortiz
b) Ricky Jay
c) Harry Houdini
9. Riffle Shuffle Methods:
a) Alex Elmsley
b) Karl Fulves
c) John Scarne
10. Card Conspiracy:
a) Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson
b) Roy Walton
c) Ellis Stanyon
11. The Royal Road to Card Magic:
a) Dai Vernon
b) Michael Ammar
c) Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue
12. The Cardician:
a) Allan Ackermann
b) Roy Walton
c) Edward Marlo
13. Cut Controls:
a) Jay Sankey
b) Jerry Sadowitz
c) Lee Asher
14. Down Under Deals:
a) Andrew Wilmhurst
b) Jean Hugard
c) Arthur Buckley
15. Revolutionary Card Technique:
a) Darwin Ortiz
b) Edward Marlo
c) Jerry Sadowitz
16. Deck-Sterity:
a) Peter Duffie
b) Richard Kaufman
c) Harry Lorayne
17. Expert Card Conjuring:
a) Hofzinser
b) Alton Sharpe
c) Professor Hoffmann
18. Deck Deception:
a) Edward Marlo
b) Ricky Jay
c) Darwin ortiz
19. Faro Fantasy:
a) Murray Bonfeld
b) Paul Swinford
c) Karl Fulves
20. New Card Control Systems:
a) Joseph K. Schmidt
b) Theodore Annemann
c) Lewis Ganson
21. Sleight Unseen:
a) Roy Walton
b) Martin Nash
c) Stephen Minch
22. Tools Of The Trade:
a) Chuck Smith
b) John Bannon
c) Bruce Cervon
23. Handcrafted Card Magic:
a) Denis Behr
b) Lennart Green
c) Allan Ackerman
24. Card Fictions:
a) Steve Beam
b) Pit Hartling
c) Paul Harris
25. Close-Up Card Magic:
a) Richard Kaufman
b) Karl Fulves
c) Harry Lorayne
26. Inner Card Trilogy:
a) Lewis Ganson
b) Frank Garcia
c) Paul LePaul
27. Card Zones:
a) Jerry Sadowitz & Peter Duffie
b) Jerry Mentzer
c) Paul Curry
28. The Expert At The Card Table:
a) Dai Vernon
b) Arthur Buckley
c) S. W. Erdnase
29. Card Magic:
a) David Devant
b) John Northern Hilliard
c) Theodore Annemann
30. Faro Concepts:
a) Karl Fulves
b) Edward Marlo
c) Murray Bonfeld
31. Card File:
a) Stephen Minch
b) Jerry Mentzer
c) Derek Dingle
32. Thirty Card Mysteries:
a) Charles T. Jordan
b) Thomas Nelson Downs
c) Ottokar Fischer
33. Modern Card Manipulation:
a) Paul LePaul
b) Ellis Stanyon
c) Charles Lang Neil
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