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« ...and therefore I here entreat those who have any tincture of this absurd vice (pride), that they will not presume to come in my sight »
Jonathan Swift
The Actual Magician Names Quiz

Some Kind Of Introduction

Many magicians don't use their real names, but the problem is that history only retains the stage names! Let's see how deep is your knowledge about the true identity of masters of Magic! Yes, that quiz is not easy...

(Very) good luck!

PS: Thanks to Doc


1. Erik Weisz:
a) Harry Blackstone
b) Harry Houdini
c) Howard Thurston
2. Jacobus Bemelman:
a) Tommy Wonder
b) Fred Kaps
c) Jack Merlin
3. Tobias "Theo" Bamberg:
a) Okito
b) Alexander
c) Cardini
4. Abraham Bongers:
a) Theodore Annemann
b) Eugene Burger
c) Fred Kaps
5. Richard Pitchford:
a) Ricky Jay
b) Cardini
c) Richard Osterlind
6. William Wallace:
a) Max Maven
b) Max Malini
c) Ali Bongo
7. David Wighton:
a) David Copperfield
b) David Roth
c) David Devant
8. Angelo Lewis:
a) Derek Dingle
b) Professor Hoffmann
c) Daryl
9. John Boyce:
a) Jean Hugard
b) John Scarne
c) John Carney
10. Will Coffrin:
a) Roy Walton
b) Si Stebbins
c) Allan Ackerman
11. Harry Boughton:
a) Harry Houdini
b) Harry Kellar
c) Harry Blackstone
12. Quintino Marucci:
a) Tony Slydini
b) Max Malini
c) Cardini
13. Edward Doe:
a) Larry Jennings
b) Ed Marlo
c) Al Koran
14. David Verner:
a) David Copperfield
b) Dai Vernon
c) David Blaine
15. Claude Conlin:
a) Alexander
b) Mandrake
c) Okito
16. William Maxwell:
a) Max Holden
b) Will Goldston
c) Max Malini
17. Christopher Sarantakos:
a) Charles Jordan
b) Banachek
c) Criss Angel
18. David Kotkin:
a) David Baldwin
b) David Copperfield
c) David Blaine
19. Phil Goldstein:
a) Paul Curry
b) Max Maven
c) Channing Pollock
20. Paul Braden:
a) Paul Daniels
b) Paul Gertner
c) Paul LePaul
21. Edward Malkowski:
a) Ed Balducci
b) Ed Marlo
c) Kuda Bux
22. Morris Seidenstein:
a) Moe
b) Jerry Sadowitz
c) Jim Steinmeyer
23. Anthony Barbato:
a) Tony Corinda
b) Tony Slydini
c) Tony Kardyro
24. John Scarne's first name?
a) Orlando
b) Aldo
c) Giuseppe
25. Steven Shaw:
a) Corinda
b) Alexander
c) Banachek
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