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The Card Magician Quiz (III)

Preliminary Words

Well, it's just the anticipated sequel of The Card Magician Quiz (II)...

Good luck to all!


1. One of L&L Publishing co-founders:
a) Michael Ammar
b) Richard Kaufman
c) Larry Jennings
2. Host of Revelations tapes?
a) Bruce Cervon
b) Gary Ouellet
c) John Carney
3. He had 52 Assistants:
a) Edward Marlo
b) Rick Jay
c) Jack Merlin
4. He performs in the Tahoe Sessions:
a) Alex Elmsley
b) Bill Malone
c) Darwin Ortiz
5. He is the Arizona Card Expert:
a) Richard Turner
b) Steve Ehlers
c) Jack Carpenter
6. He founded Hermetic Press:
a) Stephen Minch
b) Richard Kaufman
c) Lewis Ganson
7. Author of Las Vegas Kardma?
a) Martin Nash
b) Daryl
c) Allan Ackerman
8. He left the Castle Notebooks:
a) Bruce Cervon
b) Dai Vernon
c) Larry Jennings
9. Which Stack is Sequential?
a) Simon Aronson
b) Si Stebbins
c) Juan Tamariz
10. He wrote Super Subtle Card Miracles:
a) Jean Hugard
b) Stephen Minch
c) Frank Garcia
11. He compiled Encyclopedia of Self-Working Card Tricks:
a) Glenn Gravatt
b) Edward Marlo
c) John Scarne
12. Who devised the Homing Card trick?
a) Dai Vernon
b) Harry Lorayne
c) Frederick Braue
13. We see his hands in the movie Shade:
a) Jason England
b) Richard Turner
c) Steve Forte
14. He was born Australian:
a) Paul Curry
b) Arthur Buckley
c) Derek Dingle
15. The Five Points in Magic author?
a) Arturo de Ascanio
b) Juan Tamariz
c) Frank Garcia
16. Co-author of The Mathematics of Perfect Shuffles:
a) Edward Marlo
b) Dr. Jacob Daley
c) Persi Diaconis
17. Other name of the Elmsley Count?
a) Ghost Count
b) Invisible Count
c) Phantom Count
18. He never performed in public:
a) Tony Kardyro
b) Paul LePaul
c) Charles Jordan
19. He worked for the CIA:
a) John Scarne
b) John Mulholland
c) Jay Ose
20. He didn't want to see pictures of himself in any of his books!
a) Victor Farelli
b) Nate Leipzig
c) Laurie Ireland
21. Flustration Count inventor?
a) Brother John Hamman
b) Edward Marlo
c) Jean Hugard
22. Who devised Twisting the Aces?
a) Harry Lorayne
b) Charles Jordan
c) Dai Vernon
23. He invented the Symbiotic Deck:
a) Karl Fulves
b) Paul Harris
c) Gary Ouellet
24. He called himself as the King of Cards:
a) Professor Hoffmann
b) Harry Houdini
c) Johann Hofzinser
25. He released Expert Gambling Tricks:
a) Nick Trost
b) Darwin Ortiz
c) Richard Turner
26. Charlatan periodical publisher?
a) Harry Lorayne
b) Stephen Minch
c) Karl Fulves
27. Who wrote Scams & Fantasies with Cards?
a) Guy Hollingworth
b) Darwin Ortiz
c) Simon Lovell
28. He published Hofzinser work:
a) Laurie Ireland
b) Professor Hoffmann
c) Ottokar Fisher
29. Miraskill is from?
a) Stewart James
b) Jean Hugard
c) Charles Jordan
30. Technical adviser on Cincinnati Kid:
a) John Scarne
b) Jay Ose
c) Michael MacDougall
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