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The Know Your Cards Quiz

Preliminary Words

This one will challenge your knowledge of playing cards. It's pretty difficult, but I hope you'll learn something. The concerned card design is the one in use with 2012 USPCC playing cards.

Good luck to all!


1. How many pips per suit?
a) 51
b) 75
c) 87
2. Which King hasn't got a mustache?
a) Spades
b) Hearts
c) Clubs
3. How many Queens look to the right?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
4. The only card displaying 4 hands:
a) Jack of Hearts
b) King of Hearts
c) Queen of Hearts
5. Famous number on the Ace of Spades (Bee):
a) 89
b) 92
c) 98
6. Standard Bicycle deck is number:
a) 808
b) 806
c) 608
7. He's on COPAG's Aces of Spade:
a) A shield
b) A jester
c) A knight
8. Dimensions of a Poker size playing card (inches):
a) 2.5x3.5
b) 2.25x3.5
c) 2.15x3.5
9. The coachman on one Tally-Ho joker is dressed:
a) In black and white
b) In black and red
c) In red and yellow
10. He only shows his thumbs:
a) Jack of Hearts
b) Jack of Clubs
c) Jack of Diamonds
11. Symbol on the Bicycle's Joker shoulders?
a) Spades
b) Clubs
c) None
12. Standard Tally-Ho are:
a) Cambric finish
b) Linoid finish
c) Linen finish
13. One-eyed guy:
a) Jack of Diamonds
b) King of Spades
c) Jack of Hearts
14. It's not a Tally-Ho back:
a) Zodiac
b) Circle
c) Diamonds
15. What's written on the Ace of Spades (Bee)?
a) Registered-Dougherty
b) Consolidated-Dougherty
c) Patented-Dougherty
16. In a 4 colors deck (USA), Diamonds are:
a) Green
b) Blue
c) Red
17. He's the suicide king:
a) King of Hearts
b) King of Spades
c) King of Clubs
18. Number on a Tally-Ho case?
a) 7
b) 8
c) 9
19. Only queen with a scepter:
a) Queen of Clubs
b) Queen of Hearts
c) Queen of Spades
20. He holds nothing in his hands:
a) King of Diamonds
b) Jack of Hearts
c) King of Clubs
21. A feather protrudes from his hat:
a) King of Clubs
b) Jack of Clubs
c) Jack of Spades
22. He holds an imperial orb:
a) King of Diamonds
b) King of Hearts
c) King of Clubs
23. Number on Steamboat cases?
a) 999
b) 666
c) 888
24. How much a USPCC poker size card weighs (grams)?
a) 1.8
b) 2.0
c) 1.5
25. What's in the hands of each Queen?
a) A sword
b) A flower
c) A scepter
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