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The Poker Guy Quiz

A Little Piece Of Introduction

In May 2009, someone on The Magic Café asked for a "dumb card guy quiz". Unfortunately, cards are a too wide field, hence we have decided to center on America's favorite game: Poker. We just hope you will learn something through the following questions, not to mention having fun too.

Note that answers are considered exact up to May 2009.

Good luck!

PS: Deep thanks to kcg5 and tommy.


1. A blind is:
a) A forced bet
b) A drunk player
c) A hole card
2. WSOP stands for:
a) World Stars Of Poker
b) World Series Of Poker
c) World Summit Of Poker
3. A Quack Quack is:
a) A cardsharp team
b) A pair of twos
c) A big crooked game
4. What's a burn card?
a) A worn card
b) A discarded card
c) A misdealt card
5. A bug is:
a) A limited wild card
b) A joker
c) The ace of spades in Razz
6. To muck is:
a) To fold
b) To bother a player
c) To win a big pot
7. He made the dead man's hand famous:
a) Doc Holliday
b) Bret Maverick
c) Wild Bill Hickok
8. A slowroll is:
a) A very low bet
b) A long period of time before acting
c) A low hand
9. To push means:
a) To overbet
b) To bet all in
c) To resign a game
10. A boat is:
a) Five cards of the same suit
b) An illegal joint
c) Another name for a full house
11. In Chicago:
a) Highest spade splits the pot
b) Lowest spade splits the pot
c) Highest spade in the hole splits the pot
12. Cards 10-2 are called:
a) The Stu Ungar hand
b) The Johnny Moss hand
c) The Doyle Brunson hand
13. His nickname is Jesus:
a) Amarillo Slim
b) Chris Ferguson
c) Tom McEvoy
14. A string bet is:
a) Not allowed in Poker
b) The soul of Poker
c) Allowed one time only per player
15. A straddle is:
a) A head-to-head game
b) A double big blind sized bet under the gun
c) A check-raise
16. He won at least 10 WSOP bracelets:
a) Erik Seidel
b) Johnny Chan
c) Gus Hansen
17. Slow playing:
a) Is the same than slow rolling
b) Is the same than soft playing
c) Has nothing to do with slow/soft playing
18. In draw Poker there are:
a) 2,598,960 possible hands
b) 2,958,960 possible hands
c) 2,598,690 possible hands
19. Three of a kind is a set when:
a) Two cards are on the board
b) Two cards are hole cards
c) Three cards are on the board
20. When a player has the kill button:
a) He's gonna get busted out next round
b) He's the largest stack of the table
c) He has won two pots in a row
21. Johnny Moss won the WSOP:
a) 2 times
b) 3 times
c) 4 times
22. What's a blaze?
a) Five paints
b) Three kings and two queens
c) Five spades
23. Which one isn't a lowball game?
a) Razz
b) Omaha
c) Deuce to seven triple draw
24. 2-3-4-6-7 is:
a) A big cat
b) A little tiger
c) A little dog
25. He's the first world champion:
a) Amarillo Slim
b) Doyle Brunson
c) Johnny Moss
26. A synonym for rake:
a) Juice
b) Tax
c) Fine
27. He created the WSOP:
a) Bugsey Siegel
b) Frank Costello
c) Jack Binion
28. We call german virgins:
a) All draw Poker low variants
b) A pair of nines in Hold'Em
c) Shy and conservative female players
29. She's got at least 3 bracelets:
a) Annie Duke
b) Jennifer Harman
c) Barbara Enright
30. Chicago:
a) Is a stud Poker
b) Is a draw Poker
c) Is a community Poker
31. He won the biggest WSOP prize ever:
a) Joe Hachem
b) Jamie Gold
c) Jerry Yang
32. Rabbit hunt is:
a) Chasing the fifth card of a flush
b) Chasing the fifth card of a straight
c) Looking cards that would have been dealt
33. What an out is?
a) An unseen improving card
b) An eliminated player
c) The worst pair possible in the hole
34. One doesn't exist:
a) Spread limit
b) No limit
c) Split limit
35. What's a downcard?
a) A card that went off the table
b) A card dealt face down
c) The card that makes you lose
36. He's been a world champion:
a) Sam Farha
b) Bobby Baldwin
c) Ted Forrest
37. The usual color for $500 chips:
a) Purple
b) Pink
c) Gray
38. KEM cards are made of:
a) PVC
b) Cellulose acetate
c) Foam rubber
39. A cow is:
a) An aggressive player
b) A huge pot
c) A player sharing a buy-in
40. In American casinos, a chip weighs:
a) 10 grams
b) 11.5 grams
c) 13 grams
41. Pot: $30, $10 to call. Pot odds (in %) are:
a) 25%
b) 30%
c) 33%
42. "The Cincinnati Kid" final scene uses:
a) Brag
b) 5 cards stud
c) Draw Poker
43. Phil Hellmuth is:
a) Canadian
b) German
c) American
44. He played 39 WSOP final tables:
a) TJ Cloutier
b) Daniel Negreanu
c) Doyle Brunson
45. A ring game:
a) Uses predetermined end time
b) Uses no ante
c) Uses real chips
46. A rake is:
a) The chip leader of the table
b) A fee taken by those operating the game
c) A tool used by the dealer
47. Going south is:
a) Playing an illegal game
b) Removing chips from the table
c) Being the short stack
48. What's a gutshot?
a) An inside straight draw
b) An outside straight draw
c) A backdoor draw
49. Playing twice means:
a) To use two boards at the same time
b) To cooperate with another player
c) To deal the remaining cards twice
50. The chip race is:
a) When all players are all in
b) When the players enter the final table
c) When the players color up
51. The big slick is:
a) A $1,000 chip
b) AK in the hole
c) A gorgeous female player
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