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The Card Cheat Quiz

Some Kind Of Introduction

If you play cards for money, you risk being cheated. Cheats... It's a captivating subject with its own slang and customs. Perhaps you're simply fascinated by the amazing underground world of cardsharps, perhaps you practice some moves for magic purposes or just for fun?

Anyway, what do you know about card cheating is all what this little quiz is all about.

Good luck!

PS: Deep thanks to kcg5, splice, Doc and Jason England.


1. A mark is:
a) A crooked dealer
b) A sucker
c) A marked deck
2. An ice deck is:
a) A brand new deck
b) A tampered deck
c) A switched stacked deck
3. A number 2 is:
a) Dealing seconds
b) The right side accomplice
c) The left side accomplice
4. What's a bug?
a) A small clip
b) A marked card
c) A big sucker
5. Capping means:
a) To restore a cut
b) To palm a card
c) To add a card to a deck
6. Copping is when:
a) You steal a card
b) You spot another cheat
c) You're hired to supervise a game
7. Another word for sucker:
a) Duck
b) Fish
c) Wallet
8. Papers are:
a) Marked cards
b) Gambling debts
c) Fake bills
9. What's a slug?
a) A slow cheated game
b) A little profitable game
c) A stack of cards
10. Location play is:
a) A private crooked game
b) Estimating where a slug is
c) A method to mark a deck
11. A hanger is:
a) An unexpected cheat
b) A card left protruding right after a false deal
c) A low level cheat
12. A pegger is:
a) A marking device
b) A detective
c) A large brief
13. A stripper is:
a) Someone hired to distract attention
b) A plucked sucker
c) A card which shape has been altered
14. A brief is:
a) A short crooked game
b) A trimmed card
c) A tiny step, crimp, jog...
15. The gun test is:
a) The first time you've been caught
b) A detection test
c) The first time you cheat a new table
16. The snatch is:
a) A switch
b) The moment you're caught
c) A table clip
17. His break off science is second to none:
a) Tony Giorgio
b) Sal Piacente
c) Geno Munari
18. A buckle is:
a) A holdout device
b) A bend
c) A concealed card
19. One isn't a holdout device:
a) Jacobs
b) Beanshooter
c) Dillinger
20. A marking system using addition:
a) Sand
b) Blockout
c) Cutout
21. Playing heavy means:
a) To loose a lot to trap a sucker
b) To use extra cards
c) To use additional chips
22. A famous daub name:
a) Golden glow
b) Blue milk
c) Magic lipstick
23. A shiner is:
a) A rich pigeon
b) A type of marking
c) A reflecting object
24. A famous "Mississippi" gambler:
a) Allen Kennedy
b) George Devol
c) Walter Scott
25. A second deal technique:
a) Double push-off
b) Dual take
c) Double shift
26. A short deck is:
a) A deck with trimmed cards
b) A deck which cards have been stolen
c) A stacked deck
27. The gambling protection legend:
a) Titanic Thompson
b) Canada Bill Jones
c) Steve Forte
28. A peeking technique:
a) Goosenecking
b) Back squinting
c) Light snapping
29. Double duking is:
a) Stacking two strong hands
b) Trapping two suckers
c) Dealing two cards at the same time
30. The greek deal is:
a) A center deal variant
b) Dealing the 2nd card from the bottom
c) Dealing the 3rd card from the top
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