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The Cheating In Gambling Expert Quiz

Some Useful Words

Reformed cheats, casino consultants, gambling protection experts, experienced players or versed magicians, there's a plenty of people who wrote, filmed, exposed or talked about cheating in gambling. Do you know them?

Have fun and good luck!


1. He released "Fast Company":
a) Damian Nieman
b) Darwin Ortiz
c) Jeff Busby
2. We owe him the MacMillan switch in video:
a) Steve Forte
b) Fernando Keops
c) Jason England
3. The pope of handmucking science:
a) Tony Giorgio
b) Richard Turner
c) Paul Wilson
4. He wrote "Gambling Scams":
a) Bill Zender
b) Darwin Ortiz
c) Frank Garcia
5. "Science of Shuffling and Stacking" creator:
a) Sal Piacente
b) Richard Turner
c) George Joseph
6. His "Gambling Protection Series" is mythical:
a) Michael Joseph
b) Ron Conley
c) Steve Forte
7. "Gamblers Don't Gamble" is from:
a) Michael MacDougall
b) John Scarne
c) Sydney Radner
8. He invented "Neocheating":
a) Frank Wallace
b) Livingston A. D.
c) Al Smith
9. "Cheating at Gin" video is a work of:
a) Michael Joseph
b) George Joseph
c) Eddie Joseph
10. He wrote "The Annotated Erdnase":
a) Floyd Moss
b) Eddie McGuire
c) Darwin Ortiz
11. John Philipp Quinn left:
a) "How to Spot Card Sharks"
b) "Why Gamblers Win"
c) "The Crossroader"
12. He wrote nothing about "The Phantom"...
a) Eddie McGuire
b) David Britland
c) Theo Ardison
13. "Poker Cheats Exposed" is his DVD set:
a) Simon Lovell
b) Sal Piacente
c) Johnny Purdy
14. "Sharps and Flat" is from:
a) John Nevil Maskelyne
b) John Philipp Quinn
c) Jonathan Green
15. He created the "Infinity Pass"
a) Doc Jon
b) Rod the Hop
c) Doc
16. He did "Gambling Invisible Thieves":
a) Richard Turner
b) Steve Forte
c) Geno Munari
17. He wrote "The Art of The Bottom Dealing":
a) Frank Thompson
b) Gene Maze
c) Stephen Hobbs
18. "Marked Cards and Loaded Dice" writer:
a) Frank Garcia
b) John Scarne
c) Sydney Radner
19. Jeff Wessmiller released:
a) Methods for The Card Shark
b) Weapons of The Card Shark
c) Card Sharks Secrets
20. Dustin Marks has a DVD about cheating at:
a) Gin
b) Blackjack
c) Craps
21. Gilbert Walker wrote:
a) "A Manifest Detection of Diceplay"
b) "The Art of Cheating at Dice"
c) "How to Win at Dice"
22. One is not a reformed gambler:
a) Jonathan Green
b) Mason Long
c) John Nevil Maskelyne
23. Which book is the oldest?
a) "The Gaming Table, Its Votaries and Victims"
b) "Betting and Gambling"
c) "The Converted Gambler"
24. He wrote "Beat The Dealer":
a) Steve Forte
b) Vic Pinto
c) Edward Thorp
25. Expert of the Three Shell Game:
a) George Devol
b) Jefferson "Soapy" Smith
c) Titanic Thompson
26. He invented the "Savannah Move":
a) George Joseph
b) Richard Marcus
c) Darrin Hoke
27. He wrote "Cheating at Bridge":
a) John Bradshaw
b) Gerritt Evans
c) Judson Cameron
28. He epitomizes the Strike Second Deal:
a) Walter Scott
b) Richard Turner
c) S. W. Erdnase
29. The "Cincinnati Kid" film technical advisor:
a) Jay Ose
b) John Scarne
c) Michael McDougall
30. He devised the "Squared Brief Cut":
a) Mr. Z
b) Arnold McDonald
c) Jason England
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