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What The Hell Is That?

Arcanum is my private series of booklets devoted to the techniques used by card hustlers at the gaming tables.

How To Purchase One?

First, you need a Paypal account. That's the easiest way for me to avoid any trouble. It's now a well spread method to pay online, very safe and fast.

Second, you will have to contact me. It's a private project and those pamphlets are sold by me only.

Last, I need to know you. Not personally, of course. Chances are great though that many people interested in such publications are already known to me through the several forums on Magic and Card Cheating I am participating for ages (under several nicknames). Obviously, not every professional card Magician, gambling expert or card player is registered to those places, so don't hesitate to contact me.

I think that only people really interested about "hustlers" card techniques can gain some useful knowledge out of those booklets. They are dedicated to very particular subjects, they are not always easy, they require some work and, in my humble opinion, would be completely useless to people not intending to apply them for real (demos, routines, exposés, etc.). As there should be only a few dozens of copies printed, I'd like to favor mainly those people.

Thank you for getting my point.

What Booklets Are Currently Available?

Volume I
Riffle and Faro Stacking for Texas Hold'Em
Special Edition - Volume I
Stacking Formulary for Draw Poker and Texas Hold'Em
Volume II
Controls - Part One
Arcanum I Arcanum SE I Arcanum II
Arnold McDonald
Self published (paperback)
May 2011 (1st Ed.) - 67 p.
Sold out (PDF possible, contact me)
Arnold McDonald
Self published (PDF)
August 2012 (1st Ed.) - 62 p.
Arnold McDonald
Self published (paperpack)
End 2016

Those pamphlets are for educational purposes only. We do not endorse nor recommend the use of the information provided for true play as it is unfair, unethical and illegal to cheat at cards and may be punishable by law. In any kind the author can't be held liable for any consequences resulting for the misuse of the material contained herein.
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