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Francis Bacon
Gambling Books and Videos

What's This Page All About?

The following database lists the references of the most important books and videos (VHS/CD/DVD) on Gambling, card cheating... well, you get the idea!

Important Points

- Results displayed depend on your membership level (you may not have access to the full database contents).

- There are currently 67 book references and 48 video references in the database.

- The number of pages and the videos duration provided are rough.

- The number between brackets is the edition of the book.

- The date indicated matches the edition of the book (which may have been originally written many years before).

- The video duration format is hh:mm:ss.

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Publishers Acronyms

1 M.A.A: The Mathematical Association of America
2 K & G: Richard Kaufman and Alan Greenberg
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