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« To suffering there is a limit; to fearing, none »
Francis Bacon
Computer Hacking

Some Kind Of Warning...

Today, a hacker is regarded as being someone using his skills in computer coding/handling to gain unauthorized accesses to computers, usually through networks. Not really a clever or even a nice guy...

In the past, things were a little bit different, we called hacker someone very skillfull with computers. Mainly programmers, hackers were people able to fully control their machine. Of course, once in a while, they coded "weird" software, but they were only aiming knowledge.

That's what this part of the website is all about: knowledge. In the following pages, you'll find virus source code analysis, operating systems spelunking and a lot of processor opcodes. Please, again, understand that this information is given solely to help people to understand, for educational purpose only!

Learn and enjoy :-).

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